A classic image of the Old State House

Welcome to the home of the Old State House Museum Associates (OSHMA).

The Old State House Museum Associates, Inc. (or OSHMA) was incorporated on June 27, 1980 as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Corporation within the state of Arkansas to “educate people regarding the historic value and resources of the Old State House and to cooperate with the Old State House in enhancing its public education functions; to encourage and promote public participation in the Old State House; to support, financially and through other means, the acquisition, conservation and related museum functions of the Old State House that are determined by the governing body of the Old State House; and to provide, through special events and programs, a means whereby persons may come together for mutual enjoyment and education to share their interest in the Old State House.”

“The Old State House Museum is a cornerstone of downtown Little Rock, and its perpetuation is imperative in preserving the heritage of people in our state for years to come,” said First Lady Ginger Beebe.

The Old State House Museum Associates
P.O. Box 7452
Little Rock, Arkansas 72217
Phone: (501) 324-8649   Email: Raeann.Fields@arkansas.gov